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Vacations are beautiful way to get away from everyday life, even if only for a short while. Normally, what we decide to do is quite certain every day: we wake up, have the same order at home and office, the same traffic, and encounter the same city every single day… Bogged down by routine, most


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SET SAIL FROM BODRUM FOR BLUE CRUISES! A town filled with photogenic, old whitewashed houses by the crystal blue waters with a very attractive night life. Needless to say, Bodrum is the ideal starting point for a touristic and a historic travel. You may set sail for a memorable sailing holiday in Mediterranean Coast of Turkey
Those who live in metropolitans read and sigh for the stories of people moved here and became interested in agriculture and gardening. Maybe one day, a home with a garden, even a poultry house and a dog, close to the seaside... It cannot go beyond a dream for the majority, but, there are farms in and


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KNIDOS ancient city is one of the breathtaking destinations of the blue cruise. Its utmost blueness and ancient ruins right beside offer a visual feast. The beauty you would not want to leave once you visit is located at the farthest corner of DATCA Peninsula. Words don’t suffice for describing the pleasure of sipping your


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Set sail on a traditional gulet to discover the Greek Islands and the Turkish Riviera on our special exclusive 'Blue Voyage'. Welcome to Sailinmarmaris – self sail or crewed sailing holidays, luxury or budget, on board one of our sailing boats or a traditional gulet, that lets you find your freedom on our wonderful clear blue