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Once I finished university I started working in the textile industry as I was more inclined towards production and creative parts of the business that in return had the upper hand on my career direction.

I worked for a number of textile companies for 11 years, and for the following 9 years I had my own company as a textiles agency and after that I went back to the textile industry one last time at an Italian company called Frette and that was where I met someone who lived off their boat. This kindled my longing for the sea as I thought that it was such beautiful life to be on the water all the time and this thought stayed with me deep down since then.

The textile industry in Istanbul was on a decline at the time so I decided to settle down near the coast though had not yet decided where. One day when I was traveling to Denizli for business I came across the Aegean map inside the inflight magazine and anticipated the option of moving somewhere in the Aegean. I looked for a place to move to and the closest place was Marmaris so I rented a car that weekend and went to Akyaka and from there to Marmaris. On the way back I had already rented a house in Marmaris. Within the next two months I rented out my house in Istanbul and set sail to my life in Marmaris.

After a short while I slowly started as a yacht charter agency alongside running my shop where I sold my own tshirt designs and souvenirs. I arranged meditation and yoga themed trips to the Far East at the same time.

As requests for boat rentals grew, yacht chartering became my full time business, and sailinmarmaris.com has been providing sail boat and gulet services since 2008.

Our aim is to provide a customised service that is both reliable and sincere. You can rent a sailboat with us and/or we can provide event services for you within the area. Our services include sailing lessons, sailboat or gulet holidays, sailing competitions, team building activities for businesses and cruises with vegan or vegetarian concepts.

My dream is to be able to hold plastic free events and yacht charters in the near future. Meditation is an important part of my life. I believe that it is necessary for one to know their inner world before they can make the world a better place.

In addition to my business, I volunteer actively in ecological agricultural projects.



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Business Management, MBA, Yeditepe University
Bachelors in Econometrics, İstanbul University

Neslihan Karayel, whose passion for the sea started at age 4 in Rumeli Kavağı, had experienced all the seas of Turkey during her childhood.

She served at senior management positions in international companies in foreign trade and supply chain fields during her 26 years of professional business life. She started to take interest in sailing and yachting as a hobby and in 2005 turned it into a professional career following her training.

Combining female identity with her professional sailing career, her desire was to make sailing appealing to women all around the country whilst advocating solidarity at an international level, so she established the Turkey’s first and only female sailing school – Women’s Sailing School - in 2006 to promote this intercultural understanding.

At the sailing school, International Women’s Sailing Week and International Sailing Cup and trips and competition organisations have been held regularly since 2006, alongside yachting and sailing trainings.

She holds IYT Yachtmaster Offshore and TYF–YY5 Yachting Instructor licences as well as being an open sea yacht captain. She has over 12.000 nautical miles of experience.



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