Is 'such and such boat' in your website available at 'such and such' date for sailboat charter?

We can check availability of the specific boat you request and come back to you as soon as possible by email or by telephone or whatsapp. Our renting period is usually one week at peak seasons (June-July-August-September). You need to leave your email address or telephone number from contact page or how to plan page.

We need a two cabin (can be 3-4-5-6 cabin sailboats) sailboat from Marmaris (can be Orhaniye, Gocek, Bodrum or elswhere) for one week in August, what would be the alternatives?

We can check available boats and come back to you as soon as possible by email. You need to leave your email address or telephone number from contact page or how to plan page.

Sailboat Charter Turkey - Bareboat Charter Turkey - Rent A Sailboat - Private Yacht Charter Turkey - Crewed Yacht Charter TurkeyWe need a 3 cabin sailboat to join to a yacht race in Marmaris (can be Bodrum, Gocek, or elsewhere), which boats are available?

Not all of our boats are allowed to join the races, we can check the available ones and let you know by email. You need to leave your email address or telephone number from contact page or how to plan page.

We need a 3 cabin (can be 2-3-4-5 cabins) boat with SKIPPER? What is the cost and which boats are available?

We can check available boats and skippers we work with and let you know by email. Which dates and how many people will you be? From which port (can be Marmaris, Orhaniye, Gocek, Bodrum). You need to leave your email address or telephone number from contact page or how to plan page.

We need a sailboat departing from Marmaris at such and such dates?

We can check available boats and let you know by email. You might like to get offers also from Orhaniye, it is just 25 km away from Marmaris at Hisaronu Bay which is a much better starting point for a sailboat charter.

What is a bareboat charter?

A bareboat charter is where you take possession of the boat and sail it yourself, similar to renting a car. You must be an experienced sailor and generally must have a sailing certificate for this type of charter

What is crewed sailing yacht charter?

Crewed sailboat charter combines the service and friendliness of an elegant hotel with the thrill of sailing on a world-class yacht. If you`re looking for a fantastic sail, and want a larger boat (for your family or several friends/couples) you should strongly consider a crewed sailing yacht.

Should I be experienced in seamanship for a bareboat charter?

Chartering and steering a sailboat requires a certain level of seamanship. Unless you go on a skippered charter with captain you have to provide proof of sufficient sailing experience for the charter company.

Can I hire a skipper for first few days during my sailboat charter?

If you are unsure about navigating the charter yacht yourself, you have the option of hiring a skipper or just hiring one for the first few days until you are familiar with the boat and confident to skipper it yourself.

What is a flotilla sailing?

Flotilla holiday is where you are skippering but moving within the safety of a bigger group of flotilla yachts and also have the added benefit of the lead boat that has a technician that can assist you in case of any emergency or problems.

We need safety net and life jackets for children in our sailboat charter. Are these available?

Safety net is available with extra cost we will email you the extra cost, life jackets are available for children however you should request at the check in.

Sailboat Charter Turkey - Bareboat Charter Turkey - Rent A Sailboat - Private Yacht Charter Turkey - Crewed Yacht Charter TurkeyCan we rent a boat from Marmaris and sail to Greek Islands?

Yes you can, only you need to pay extra customs costs for sailboat charter out of country and bring it back to the departure port.

Can we depart from Rhodes or Kos, Greek Island's in our sailboat charter?

Yes, we can send you offers by email. Need your email address and how many cabins, how many people and what dates? Please contact from contact page or .

Can we rent a boat one way?

Yes, however, not always we have an available boat for one way, we can check and let you know by email. Need your email address and information about how many cabins, how many people and what dates?

What happens if I have to see a doctor while I am in Turkey?

Turkey owns highly well-trained doctors and world class modern hospitals. The emergency services are at your service all the time, with one of the best staffs in Europe.

What if seasickness and nausea shows up while on sailboat charter?

We recommend you to take pressure bands or tablets for seasickness. Moreover, it is known that natural pills of ginger help ease the seasickness, together with herbal teas made of ginger.

When do a sailboat charter set off?

Charters set off generally on Saturdays. However, you may launch your charter on a different day of the week from time to time in the beginning or end of the seasons.

What is the set off time for a sailboat charter?

Charters leave at 17:00 on the first day of the cruise and come back at 09:30 at the latest in the last day. The boat may be available earlier than the said hour, in such case we will inform you.

Is it possible to rent a boat for more or less than 7 days?

We sometimes offer shorter sailboat charters, however mostly on the beginning or end of the season. We also offer charters for 8, 10 and 14 days; you may consult us for further information.

Do we have a chance to select our own cruising route with a captain?

It would be beneficial to early book your sailboat charter, so that you can have more alternatives for starting and finishing ports. Moreover, you may have a chance to choose your starting and finishing ports different than each other. Kindly note, we offer flexible cruising route on private sailboat charters with skipper. We provide you with itineraries so as to help you in deciding your route and assist you to ensure an unforgettable cruise for you.

What places do you offer seeing while cruising on Turkish Coasts?

Our sample itineraries display all the coves in the routes, along with further information on towns, villages and bays.

Sailboat Charter Turkey - Bareboat Charter Turkey - Rent A Sailboat - Private Yacht Charter Turkey - Crewed Yacht Charter Turkey

Will we have a chance to see also the Greek Islands?

Dodecanese Islands, is included in our sailboat charter route, which is the closest Greek island to Turkey. These islands cover Rhodes, Symi, Tilos, Nisiros, Kalymnos, Patmos, Alimnia and Leros. Note that, passengers are charged with all the expenses for cruising in Greek Waters with a Turkish boat.

Is it possible to merge our cruise also with a land tour in Turkey?

Of course, we render exclusive land tours in Turkey as well. Majority of our guests combine their holiday in Turkey both with a sailboat charter and land tour.

What is the ideal season for a sailboat charter in Turkey?

The season for taking the cruise starts in May and ends in October. The hottest months are July and August, with between 30 – 38 degrees. May would be ideal, as the days are warm and nights are cool, same applies for October as well. If you are fond of cold water, October would be an ideal time to enjoy swimming. Also, months of June and September are also warm, may be hot during the day but freshening at night with breezes.

How do we get to Turkey?

There are regular flights from most of the European countries to Turkey, especially to the touristic coastal towns like Bodrum, Milas, Dalaman and Antalya. It would be useful to consult your agent prior to your journey. It is also possible to land in Istanbul from nearly anywhere in the world and then set off to the coastal towns like Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya with Turkish Airlines or other local airlines. There are also ferries from Kos and Rhodes to Bodrum and Marmaris every day.

Does Turkey apply visa to the citizens of my country?

Turkey requires citizens of some countries to obtain a visa prior to their journeys. Citizens of some countries can obtain the visa once they arrive in Turkey at the airport. You may obtain further information on the link visa information for any visa requirements applied by Turkey. Turkey also offers online purchasing on the link to prevent wasting time at the airport.

Do we have a chance that you book and arrange accommodation on behalf of us?

Yes, we also offer services for assisting you in accommodation during your stay. We also have beautiful holiday villas available in Marmaris.

Do we have to get insurance?

This type of holiday requires guests to have cancellation and medical insurance.

Does Turkey allow using other currencies?

National currency is Turkish Lira. Majority of the shops in the touristic coastal towns accept Euro, Sterling and Dollar currencies. Most stores accept credit cards as well, also most towns have ATM machines all around the corner.

Will we need money on board?

You will need money on board for any road excursions or meal you select, as well as personal shopping.

Does the crew speak English?

We may offer an English speaking crew for you, upon request.

Are there life jackets on board?

It is obliged for all the sailboats to include life jackets in each cabin (for all guests and crew members including the children) in line with the strict seaworthiness and safety inspection.

How many crew members are there in sailboats?

The number depends on the size of the boat. It is possible to hire the boat with a skipper, cook and hostess.

Should we tip the crew once our cruise ends?

Tipping is regarded as the appreciation of good service in Turkey, which is entirely at your discretion. If you believe the crew has provided you with a good service during your cruise, you may roughly tip between 5 – 10% of your sailboat charter fee.

If we hire the boat with a cook, is it possible to be served also with special diets like vegetarian or gluten free etc.?

Yes, it is possible. Our crew is experienced in the catering field for long years and is able to serve for special diets, in case you are vegan/vegetarian or have allergies for certain food. We would be glad if you could let us know in advance to prepare the meals precisely.

Is the water in the yacht drinkable?

The water can be used for brushing teeth, but not recommended for drinking.

What is my Duty Free allowance?

Turkey allows the entrance of 1 x 100 cl or 2 x 70 or 75 cl of wine or spirits.

What is the quality of Turkish wine?

Wines produced in Turkey have highly improved in the quality, with many varieties and aromas. You may consult us prior to your journey for further details on our wine list.

Do we have a chance to visit the historical sites?

Turkey is full of ancient historical sites, some are very close to the coast. Therefore, upon request, we may organize tours and transportation for you to explore the beauties all around.

What should we bring?

Basically, a swimwear would be all you need. The nights may be cooler, you may bring something to warm. Do not forget that the sun is very powerful, make sure to have a high factor sun cream and a hat; it is important to protect yourself against the sunlight. The boat accepts a pair of shoes to be used only on board. It is recommendable to take soft bags, rather than hard suitcases.

Do you provide towels on board?

Yes, we provide guests with towels on all our yachts.

Is it possible to do the laundries on board?

Laundry service can be available when staying close to the larger towns (as it requires some time).

Is there music on the yacht?

You may bring your own music in a usb memory stick.

Is there Internet on board?

We provide wifi connection, however this is extra cost. Off board, many restaurants and bars offer free Internet connections.

Can I buy a Turkish simcard for my Smartphone or Tablet?

Our staff will assist you buy a card, you just need to show your passport.

Is it possible to charge our camera and mobile phone batteries on board?


Will our mobile telephones work when on cruise?

Mobile phone signal is strong at the majority of the locations along the coast .

Is there anything dangerous in the sea?

You may have a chance to see the odd jellyfish, and spiny sea urchins climbing onto rocks. The water is so crystal clear that these species are easy to realize. Mostly, Turkish sea is safe for swimming enjoyably.