You may start your bareboat or gulet cruises sailing from Turkey or the Greek Islands, landing directly on Kos or Rhodes...

Have you seen “rent a yacht for a week” ads in holiday magazines or weekend journals? Have you ever thought of experiencing this and indulging in your dream? It is possible to sail from Greece to Turkey in one week via “Gulet Cruise Turkey,” or take a yacht sailing holidays with sailboats in Turkey. In fact, the beautiful Greek Islands are closer to the Turkish Mediterranean than to Greece.

Relax in privacy as you embrace the Mediterranean way of life. We will organize your entire yacht sailing holidays, from landing at selected airports to arrival on your boat. You will be met at the airport and taken to your boat and made welcome on arrival by your crew. During your stay, enjoy local breakfast and lunch served by your experienced crew and the choice of eating onboard or on shore in the evening. Before breakfast each morning, we will depart for our next stop and then moor for a leisurely breakfast with a breathtaking view to get you ready for your day. Your crew will help you organize trips to places of interest and can recommend restaurants when dining ashore in the evening.

Make your trip your own, with private yacht holidays. Spend some nights in quiet coves, where you will be rocked to sleep by the sound of gentle waves, and other nights exploring and experiencing the Turkish or Greek culture, food, and lifestyle in sweet, small villages. In the summer months, and especially in the evenings, you’ll not be able take your eyes off the sea; its calm, blue waters are mesmerizing! The scenery along your journey is stunning!

You may begin your yacht charter by sailing from the Turkish Coast or the Greek Islands, landing in Turkey, or travelling directly to Kos or Rhodes.

Simply let us know what you want to enjoy when making your reservation, and will we will happily organize your private luxury yacht charter. You may choose to indulge in massage, yoga and meditation sessions, or daily biking and trekking tours. Our onboard menu can cater to all kinds of dietary needs, from organic/natural, to vegetarian, vegan, or other special foods.


Ask for a 5% extra discount on your next Blue Cruises journey with us.

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking private yacht holidays along the Mediterranean coast and are interested in visiting different places and cultures and enjoying the finest cuisine in the world, please contact us by clicking here, or write to us at to check on the availability of our gulets and sailing boats.

You may begin your sailing yacht cruises from the Turkish Coast or the Greek Islands, landing directly in Kos or Rhodes.

You can design your yacht rental Mediterranean itinerary alongside your crew; please see some of our tips on the Routes page.

We will also provide you advice on where to wine and dine on the Turkish coast and in the Greek islands after you plan your gulet cruise or rent a sailing boat in Turkey.

You may choose a traditional wooden Turkish gulet, a bareboat, or a skippered sailboat. Related links are below.

Ask for a 5% extra discount on your next Blue Cruises journey with us.


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