Gocek - Kekova - Gocek

Pine trees dangle towards the sea, shiny water hides beneath the bays… Göcek is the essential destination for the blue cruises with its oxygen-full air and starry sky.  You can accommodate at various bays and islands each day all weeklong, without taking too many cruises. It is a natural wonder and a blessing heaven.                        

Fethiye-2 (Medium)GEMILER ADASI
The island also known as St. Nicholas with a church and chapels going all the way down to the sea, dating back to Byzantine period.

A truly breathtaking beauty, the turquoise color of the sea will definitely capture your heart. A popular with paragliders, Ölüdeniz is a rare wonder of nature, with its protected Nature Park.

One of the most beautiful coves on your route, tranquility and blue.

You are about to see Turkey’s longest beach to meet the caretta carettas.

Soaring the sky with his wings, Pegasus may greet you, or at least you can imagine that he does. It is the city of the mythological hero Bellaforonte, make sure you walk around the antique ruins.

Included in the World Heritage List, Xhantos was the capital of Lycia. Do not miss it.

LETOONGocek-1 (Medium)
You are at a place decorated by history; make sure you visit the temples that were built for Artemis and Leto.

Historic corner, this is an old Greek village. In this village under protection you can hear the whispers of the past if you listen carefully.

Even if you have not been here before you surely must have heard of it. A cove surrounded by islands, of mesmerizing beauty.

One of the most beautiful stops en route, thus a major tourist town. Stop by Uzun Carsi before you continue.

The Knights of Rhodes are waiting for you. Go up the castle, connect with that spirit in the island that sunk because of earthquakes. 

It must be interesting to meet Santa Claus on a Blue Voyage, for you are at the place he was rumored to have lived.

You may start your journey from Greek Islands, landing directly to Kos or Rhodes...

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You may start your journey from Greek Islands, landing directly to Kos or Rhodes.

You may design your itinerary with your crew as we roughly gave tips about here.
We will also provide you tips about where to dine and wine at the islands.

You may choose a traditional gulet or a sailboat with or without skipper.

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