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Pine trees dangle towards the sea, shiny water hides beneath the bays… Göcek is the essential destination for the blue cruises with its oxygen-full air and starry sky.  You can accommodate at various bays and islands each day all weeklong, without taking too many cruises. It is a natural wonder and a blessing heaven.                      

Gocek-2 (Medium)KILLEBUKU
Killebükü is a large bay between Boynuzbükü and Taşyaka. You can see the church ruins and ornamental stones together with the bay.

Go for a walk in this pretty bay surrounded by pine and incense trees or stop over for a pleasant dinner.

Heaven on earth, turning its back on the pine trees… With its long and stony beach, Sarsala Bay is a perfect stopover for the blue cruise voyagers, both for a lovely day and overnight.    

Formerly named as ‘Taşyaka’, Bedri Rahmi Bay is a great anchorage thanks to its natural beauty and resistance against high winds. Make sure you see the painting by Bedri Rahmi, a poet and artist, drawn on a rock during his visit to this bay on a blue voyage. This bay has a reputation for its rosebay flowers, tiny beaches and pine and olive trees covering the hills behind the glittering turquoise water. 

Ruins of a hammam inside the water, built by a king. Stop by to witness history inside the water.

A wooden jetty welcomes you at the bay, from which the boats can drop anchor. Kuyucak, on the other hand, is a tiny pretty cove that can be visited by only a few boats.  

Perhaps the finest amongst the heavenly bays of Gocek… A spectacular view welcomes you as you walk through the hill. Do not get surprised by the rock graves and historical ruins at the edge of the bay surrounded by olive and pine trees.

An island to fascinate you with its brilliant water… It is said to be named after the feral pigs living at the hill. It is an elegant haunt with its sheltered bays, crystal sea and underwater ruins.

As the name suggests, an island when back in the day boats were repaired and maintained. Its natural beauty is waiting for you.

These seven small islands are unmatched in beauty with their beaches and also a natural pool, worth paying a visit.

The island also known as St. Nicholas with a church and chapels going all the way down to the sea, dating back to Byzantine period.

A truly breathtaking beauty, the turquoise color of the sea will definitely capture your heart. A popular with paragliders, Oludeniz is a rare wonder of nature, with its protected Nature Park.

Kaunos and the surrounding area is full of natural beauty and riches. Here, you can touch history as you stroll through the ancient ruins and the rock tombs…

Surrounded by a forest on three sides, a tranquil cove where the green reflects off the blue; not to forget the navy blue sea.

At Dalyan you can discover the lake meeting the sea; nature’s surprise, the banks of the canal, is a must see.

You may start your journey from Greek Islands, landing directly to Kos or Rhodes...

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You may start your journey from Greek Islands, landing directly to Kos or Rhodes.

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